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  In department stores and closets all over the world. they are waiting. Their outward appearance seems rather appealing because they come in a variety of styles, textures. and colors. But they are ultimately the biggest deception that exists in the fashion industry today. What are they? They are high heels—a woman's worst enemy (whether she knows it or not). High heel shoes are the downfall of modem society. Fashion myths have led women to believe that they are more beautiful or sophisticated for wearing heels, but in reality, heels succeed in posing short as well as long term hardships. Women should fight the high heel industryby refusing to use or purchase them in order to save the world from unnecessary physical and psychologicalsuffering.

  For the sake of fairness. it must be noted that there is a positive side to high heels. First. heels are excellent for aerating (使通气) lawns. Anyone who has ever worn heels on grass knows what I am talking about. A simple trip around the yard in a pair of those babies eliminates all need to call for a lawn care specialist. and provides the perfect-sized holes to give any lawn oxygen without all those messy chunks of dirt lying around. Second, heels are quite functional for defense against oncoming enemies. who can easily be scared away By threatening them with a pair of these sharp, deadly fashion accessories.

  Regardless of such practical uses for heels, the fact remains that wearing high heels is harmful to one's physical health. Talk to any podiatrist (足病医生), and you will hear that the majority of their business comes from high-heel-wearing women. High heels are known to cause problems such as deformed feetand tom toenails. The ask of severe back problems and twisted or broken ankles is three times higher for a high heelwearer than for a flat shoe wearer. Wearing heels also creates che threat of getting a heel caught in a sidewalk crack or a sewer-grate (阴沟栅) and being thrown to the ground-possibly breaking a nose. back, or neck. And of course, after wearing heels for a day. any woman knows she can look forward to a night of painas she tries to comfort her swollen, aching feel.

  1. What makes women blind to the deceptive nature of high heels?

  A) The multi-functional use of high heels.

  B) Their attempt to show off their status.

  C) The rich variety of high heel styles.

  D) Their wish to improve their appearance.

  2. The author's presentation of the positive side of high heels is meant__________.

  A) to be ironic

  B) to poke fun at women

  C) to be fair to the fashion industry

  D) to make his point convincing

  3. The author uses the expression "those babies" (Line 4. Para. 2) to ref high heels__________.

  A) to show their fragile characteristics

  B) co indicate their feminine features

  C) to show women’s affection for them

  D) to emphasize their small size

  4. The author's chief argument against high heels is that_____________.

  A) they pose a threat to lawns

  B) they are injurious to women’s health

  C) they don’t necessarily make women beautiful

  D) they are ineffective as a weapon of defense

  5. It can be inferred from the passage that women should_____________.

  A) see through the very nature of fashion myths

  B) boycott the products of the fashion industry

  C) go co a podiatrist regularly For advice

  D) avoid following fashion too closely


  1. 是什么让女人对高跟鞋的欺骗性的本质视而不见的?

  A) 高跟鞋有多种功能。

  B) 她们想要展现自己的身份。


  D) 她们希望能够改善样貌。


  2. 作者对于高跟鞋的正面论述是为了______________。

  A) 表现讽刺

  B) 对女人开玩关

  C) 对时装工业公平

  D) 让自己的论点具有说服力