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W: Can you come to the concert withme this weekend or do you have to prepare for exams?
M: I still have a lot to do. Butmaybe a break will do me good.
Q: What will the man probablydo?
答案:C. Attend theconcert.
本题的关键在于抓住转折词之后的内容。女士问男士能否和她一起去听音乐会,男士一开始承认还有功课要复习,但是随即话锋一转,说到:“但是或许休息一下对我有帮助(Butmaybe a break will do megood.)。”表明愿意陪同女士参加音乐会。
W: What does the paper say aboutthe horrible incident that happened this morning on Flight 870 toHong Kong?
M: It ended with the arrest of thethree hijackers. They have forced the plane to fly to Japan. Butall the passengers and the crewmembers landed safely.
Q: What do we learn from theconversation?
答案:D. None of thepassengers were injured or killed.
本题的关键在于抓住转折词之后的内容。女士问男士,关于今早的航班事故报纸是怎么说的。男士提到逮捕了3个劫机者(thearrest of the threehijackers),这3个人迫使飞机飞往日本,但是最终乘客和航班上的全体乘务人员都平安降落了(Butall the passengers and the crewmembers landedsafely)。
M: Helen, this is the mostfascinating article I’ve ever come across. I think you should sparesome time to read it.
W: Oh, really? I thought thatanything about the election would be tedious.
Q: What are the speakers talkingabout?
答案:A. An article aboutthe election.
W: I’m not going to trust therestaurant critic from that magazine again. The food here doesn’ttaste anything like what we had in Chinatown.
M: It definitely wasn’t worth thewait.
Q: What do we learn from theconversation?
答案:A. The restaurantwas not up to the speaker’sexpectations.
本题关键在于听懂否定语气。女士提到一家餐馆,并明确传达了负面情绪。她说那儿的食物不好吃,跟曾经在中国城吃到的根本不一样(Thefood here doesn’t taste anything like what we had inChinatown.)男士进一步肯定这一负面评价,说确实不值得等待(It definitelywasn’t worth the wait.)。
W: Do you know what’s wrong withMark? He’s been acting very strangely lately.
M: Come on. With his motherhospitalized right after he’s taking on a new job, he's just got alot on his mind.
Q: What do we learn from theconversation about Mark?
答案:C. He has manythings to deal with right now.
本题关键在于听懂委婉转折和隐含因果。女士提到Mark最近看起来不对劲(He’sbeen acting very strangelylately.)男士用略带责备的语气说:“拜托(Comeon).”推翻了女士的消极猜测。进而解释了Mark最近反常的原因:因为他刚开始新工作,妈妈就生病住院了,所以思想包袱很重。”(Withhis mother hospitalized right after he’s taking on a new job, he'sjust got a lot on hismind.)原文中的with引出原因,后文的he's just got a loton his mind.与选项中的He has many things to deal with rightnow.构成同义替换。
W: There were only 20 students atlast night’s meeting, so nothing could be voted on.
M: That’s too bad. They'll have toturn up in greater numbers if they want a voice on campusissues.
Q: What does the manmean?
答案:D. More studentshave to appear to make their voice heard.
本题关键在于抓住因果关系。女士提到仅有20名学生出席昨晚的会议,所以没办法投票。男士说“太糟糕了”,随即解释了自己担忧的原因:他们的出席人数必须更多(toturn up in greater numbers),在校园问题上才有发言权(a voice oncampus issues)。
M: I try to watch TV as little aspossible. But it’s so hard.
W: I didn’t watch TV at all beforeI retired. But now I can hardly tear myself away fromit.
Q: What do we learn from theconversation?
答案:B. The speakerslike watching TV very much.
本题关键在于抓住转折词。男士说:“我尽量少看电视,但是很难做到(Butit’s sohard.)。”女士说:“退休前我从不看电视。但是现在我几乎离不开它了(Butnow I can hardly tear myself away fromit.)。”不管是男士的转折词之后、还是女士的转折词之后,都表达了对电视的依赖。
W: I’m having a problem registeringfor the classes I want.
M: That’s too bad. But I’m prettysure you’ll be able to work everything out before the semesterstarts.
Q: What does the manmean?
答案:D. The woman willbe able to attend the classes she wants.
本题关键在于抓住转折词。女士提到,在注册有意愿的班级时遇到了问题。男士表达了遗憾,但是随即鼓励女士说:但是我很确定,在新学期开始之前,你能够解决所有问题。D选项中的Thewoman will be able to attend the classes shewants.与原文中的you’ll be able to work everything out构成同义替换。
W: Jack, sit down and listen. This is important. we’ll have totackle the problems of the exporting step by step. And the firstmove is to get an up-to-date picture of where we standnow.
  M:Why don’t we just concentrate on expending here at home?
  W:Of course, we should hold on to our position here. But you mustadmit the market here is limited.
  M:(10.)Yes, but it’s safe. The government keeps out foreignerswith import controls. So I must admit I feel sure we could holdour own against foreign bikes.
  W:I agree. (9.) That’s why I am suggesting exporting. Because Ifeel we can compete with the best of them.
  M:What you are really saying is that we’d make more profit by sellingbikes abroad, where we have a cost advantage and can charge highprices.
M: (11.) But, wait a minute. Packaging, shipping, financing,etc. will push up our cost and we could no better off, maybe worseoff.
W: OK. Now there are extra costs involved. But if we do it right,they can be built into the price of the bike and we can still becompetitive.
  M:How sure are you about our chances of success in the foreignmarket?
  W:Well, that’s the sticky one. (12.) It’s going to need a lot ofresearch. I’m hoping to get your help. Well, come on, Jack. Isit worth it, or not?
  M:There will be a lot of problems.
  W:Nothing we can’t handle.
  M:Um… I’m not that hopeful. (12.) But, yes, I think we should goahead with the feasibility study.
  W:Marvelous, Jack. I was hoping you be on my side.
9. Whatdoes the woman intend to do?
答案:C)Export bikes to foreign markets.
本题关键在于抓住建议句式。因为四个选项都以动词原形开头,可以预判考点为计划或者建议。题目问女士的打算是什么,对应女士所说的:“That’swhy I am suggesting exporting.”女士建议出口单车。
10. Why does the manthink it’s safe to focus on the home market?
答案:B)The government has control over bicycle imports.
本题关键在于抓住对话中的争论结构。题目问男士为什么觉得关注国内市场更安全,当女士提到国内市场有限时,男士反驳说国内市场安全,因为:“Thegovernment keeps out foreigners with importcontrols.”(政府通过进口限制将舶来货挡在了门外。)选项中的hascontrol over bicycle imports与原文中的keepsout foreigners with import controls构成同义替换。foreigners,此处表示外国商品;keep out表示把…阻挡在外。
11. What is the man’s concern aboutselling bikes abroad?
答案:A)Extra costs might eat up their profits abroad.
本题关键在于抓住本题关键在于抓住对话中的争论结构。当女士提到出口商品更具成本优势和价格优势时,男士反驳说:“But,wait a minute. Packaging, shipping, financing, etc. will push upour cost and we could no better off, maybe worseoff.”(但是,等一下。打包,船运,集资等等,将会抬升我们成本,结果可能不会更好,而是更糟。)表明男士认为各项开销所带来的成本可能超出盈利,最终导致亏本。Betteroff变得更好;worse off变得更糟。
12. What do the speakers agree to do?
答案:C)Conduct a feasibility study.
本题关键在于抓住建议/计划句式。题目问对话双方都同意去做什么。在对话的最后,女士提到了自己的打算:“It’sgoing to need a lot of research.”并希望男士能够帮忙。男士说:“yes,I think we should go ahead with the feasibilitystudy.”(是的,我们应该进一步来做一个可行性研究。)feasibilitystudy, 可行性研究。
W: What does the term “alternativeenergy source” mean?
M: When you think of energy or fuel forour homes and cars, (13.) we think of petroleum or fossil fuelprocessed from oil removed from the ground of which there is alimited supply. But alternative fuels can be many things, wind, sunand water can all be used to create fuel.
W: Is the threat of running out ofpetroleum real?
M: It has taken thousands of years tocreate the natural stores of petroleum we have now. We are usingwhat is available at a much faster rate than it has been producedover time. The real controversy surrounding the amounts ofpetroleum we have is how much we need to keep in reserve for futureuse. (14.) Most experts agree that by around 2025 the amount ofpetroleum we use will reach a peak then production and availabilitywill begin to seriously decline. This is not to say there willbe no petroleum at this point, but it will become verydifficult and therefore expensive to extract.
W: (15.) Is that the most importantreason to develop alternative fuel and energysources?
M: (15.) There're two very clearreasons to do so. One is that whether we have 60 or 600 yearsof fossil fuels left, we have to find other fuel sourceseventually, so the sooner we start, the better off we will be. Theother big argument is that when you burn fossil fuels, you releasesubstances trapped in the ground for a long time, which leads tosome long term negative effects like global warming and greenhouseeffect.
13. What do weusually refer to when we talk about energy according to theman?
答案:B)Anything that can be used to produce power.
本题关键在于基于关键信息进行概括。题目问,在男士看来,当我们谈到能源时我们总会提到什么。男士说人们首先会想到石油和化石燃料(petroleumor fossil fuel),但是替代能源就可以是任何东西了(alternativefuels can be many things)。不管是常见能源还是替代能源,只要是能够产能的都被男士提到了,对应选项B。
14. What do mostexperts agree on according to the man?
答案:D)Oil production will begin to decline worldwide by 2025.
本题关键在于抓住观点结论性信息。题目问大多数专家都同意什么。男士说:“Mostexperts agree that by around 2025 the amount of petroleum we usewill reach a peak then production and availability will begin toseriously decline.”(大多数专家都同意,石油的使用量在2025年之前将会达到巅峰,然后不管是产量还是储量都会开始下降。)
15. What does the manthink we should do now?
答案:B)Start developing alternative fuels.
本题关键在于听懂上下文语义关联。在男士提到石油和化石燃料将会越来越供不应求之后,女士问这是否就是必须发展替代能源的原因,男士对此予以了肯定,他说:“There'retwo very clear reasons to do so.”(有两个显著的理由支持这种做法。)表明他认为人们现在就该开始发展替代能源。

Karen Smith is a buyer for a departmentstore in New York. Department store buyers purchase the goods thattheir stores sell. They not only have to know what isfashionable at the moment, (16.) but also have to guess whatwill becomefashionable next season or next year.
Most buyers work for just one departmentin a store, but the goods that Karen finds may be displayed andsold in several different sections of the store. (17.) Her jobinvolves buying handicrafts from all over the world.
Last year, she made a trip to Morocco,and returned with rugs, pots, dishes, and pans. The year before,she visited Mexico, and brought back hand-made table cloths,mirrors with frames of tin, and paper flowers. The paper flowersare bright and colorful, so they were used to decorate the wholestore. This year, Karen is traveling in Malaysia, Thailand, andIndonesia. Many of the countries that Karen visits have governmentoffices that promote handicrafts. They officials are glad tocooperate with her, by showing her the products that areavailable.
Karen especially likes to visit marketsand small towns and villages whenever she can arrange for it. She’salways looking for interesting and unusual items. (18.) Karenthinks she has the best job she could have found. She loves all thetraveling that she has to do, because sheoften visits markets and small out-of-the-way places.She sees much more of the country shevisits than an ordinary tourists would. As soon as she gets back toNew York from one trip, Karen begins to plan another.
16. What is said tomake a good department store buyer?
答案:A)The ability to predict fashion trend.
本题出现在全文第三句。说话人提到:“Theynot only have to know what is fashionable at the moment, (16.) butalso have to guess what will become fashionable next season ornext year.”(他们不仅需要了解时下的潮流,还要能够猜到下个季度和来年的时尚趋势。)A选项中的topredict fashion trend与原文toguess what will become fashionable构成同义替换。
17. What does Karen’sjob involve?
答案:D)Purchasing handicrafts from all over the world.
题目问K的工作是什么,本题答案非常直接:“Herjob involves buying handicrafts from all over theworld.”(购买世界各地的手工艺品。)
18. Why does Karenthink she has got the best job?
答案:B)She is doing what she enjoys doing.
本题关键在于抓住因果关系。题目问K为什么觉得自己找到了最棒的工作,答案非常直接:“Sheloves all the traveling that she has to do, because she often visits markets andsmall out-of-the-way places.”(她热爱她所有的旅行,因为她本来就常常造访市场和偏远地区的小市集。)
(19.) Mark felt that it was time forhim to take part in his community, so he went to theneighborhood meeting after work. (20.) The area city councilwoman was leading a discussion about how the quality of life was onthe decline. The neighborhood faced many problems. Mark lookedat the charts taped to the walls. There were charts for parkingproblems, crime, and for problems in vacant buildings. Mark readfrom the charts, “Police patrols cut back, illegal parking up 20%”.People were supposed to suggest solutions to the council woman. Itwas too much for Mark. (21.)“The problems are too big”, hethought. He turned to the man next to him and said, “I think thisis a waste of my time. Nothing I can do would make a differencehere.”
As he neared the bus stop on his wayhome, Mark saw a woman carrying a grocery bag, and a baby. As Markgot closer, her other child, a little boy, suddenly darted into thestreet. The woman tried to reach for him, but as she moved, her bagshifted, and groceries started to fall out. Mark ran to take theboy’s arm and led him back to his mother. “You gotta stay withmom,” he said. Then he picked up the stray groceries while and thewoman smiled in relief. “Thanks,” she said, “You’ve got greattiming.” “Just being neighborly,” Mark said. As he rode home, heglanced at the poster near his seat in the bus. (22.) Small actsof kindness add up. Mark smiled and thought, “Maybe that’s a goodplace to start.”
19. What did Markthink he should start doing?
答案:B)Get involved in his community.
本题关键在于听懂计划/建议类信息。题目问M认为他现在应该开始做什么,考察的是全文第一句话,答案非常直接:“Markfelt that it was time for him to take part in hiscommunity.”B选项的Getinvolved in his community与原文中的takepart in his community构成同义替换。
20. What was beingdiscussed when Mark arrived at the neighborhood meeting?
答案:A)Deterioration in the quality of life.
本题关键在于抓住标志论点的主题词。题目问当M来到友邻会议时,大家正在讨论什么。本题答案非常直接:“Thearea city council woman was leading a discussion about how thequality of life was on the decline.”A选项中的Deterioration(恶化)in the quality of life 与原文中的thequality of life was on the decline构成同义替换。
21. What did Markthink of the community’s problems?
答案:D)They are too big for individual efforts.
本题关键在于抓住观点态度。题目问M如何看待社区里的问题。答案很直接:““Theproblems are too big”, he thought. … ‘Nothing I can do would make adifference here.’”(他觉得,问题太大了。……“我做什么都无法改变现状。”)
22. Why did Marksmile on his ride home?
答案:C)He had done a small deed of kindness.
本题关键在于听懂因果关系。题目问M为什么会在骑车回家的路上笑起来。原文说“Smallacts of kindness add up. Mark smiled and thought, ‘Maybe that’s agood place to start.’”C选项中的asmall deed of kindness.与原文中的Smallacts of kindness构成同义替换。
And if stress in childhood can lead toheart disease, what about current stresses? Longer work hours,threats of layoffs, collapse in pension funds. (23.) A studylast year in the Lancered examined more than 11,000 heart attacksufferers from 52 countries. It found that in the year before theirheart attacks, patients have been under significantly more stressthan some 13,000 healthy control subjects. Those stresses came fromwork, family, financial trouble, depression and othercauses.
Each of these factors individually wasassociated with increased risk, says Dr. Salim Yosef, professor ofmedicine at Canada’s McMaster University, and senior investigatoron the study. Together they accounted for 30% of overall heartattack risk, but people respond differently to high pressure worksituations. Whether it produces heart problems seems to depend onwhether you have a sense of control over life, or live at the mercyof circumstances and superiors.
(24.) That was the experience of JanoCano, a roughed Illinois laboratory manager, who suffered his firstheart attack in 1996 at the age of 56. In the two years before, hismother and two of his children had suffered serious illnesses, andhis job had been changed in a reorganization. “My life seemedcompletely out of control,” he says, “I had no idea where I wouldend up.” He ended up in hospital due to a block in his artery. Twomonths later, he had a triple bypass surgery. A second heart attackwhen he was 58 left his doctor shaking his head. (25.)“There’s nothing more we can do for you,” doctors toldhim.
23. What does thepassage mainly discuss?
答案:B)Pressure and disease.
本题考察基于事实细节进行概括归纳的能力。题目问本文的主旨是什么。从第一段反复提到的stress,depression 和 各种各样的disease可以推出B选项是正确答案。
24. What do we learnabout Jano Cano’s family?
答案:A)It experienced a series of misfortunes.
本题考察基于事实细节进行概括归纳的能力。考察JanoCano家庭的事实细节。从原文反复提到的heartattack,seriousillnesses,outof control,ablock in his artery等可以得知,他的家庭经历了一系列不幸。
25. What did JanoCano’s doctors tell him when he had a second heartattack?
答案:C)They could do nothing to help him.
题目问JC的医生的观点。答案来自全文最后,非常直接:There’snothing more we can do for you,” doctors told him.
When most people think of the word“education”, they think of a pupil as a sort of animate sausagecasing. Into this empty casting, the teachers are supposed to stuff“education.”
But genuine education, as Socrates knewmore than two thousand years ago, is not inserting the stuffing ofinformation into a person, but rather eliciting knowledge from him;it is the drawing-out of what is in the mind.
“The most important part of education,”once wrote William Ernest Hocking, the distinguished Harvardphilosopher, “is this instruction of a man in what he has inside ofhim.”
And, as Edith Hamilton has reminded us,Socrates never said, “I know, learn from me.” He said, rather,“Look into your own selves and find the spark of the truth that Godhas put into every heart and that only you can kindle to aflame.”
In a dialogue, Socrates takes anignorant slave boy, without a day of schooling, and proves to theamazed observers that the boy really “knows” geometry –because theprinciples of geometry are already in his mind, waiting to becalled out.
So many of the discussions andcontroversies about the content of education are useless andinconclusive because they are concerned with what should “go into”the student rather than with what should be taken out, and how thiscan best be done.
The college student who once said to me,after a lecture, “I spend so much time studying that I don’t have achance to learn anything,” was clearly expressing hisdissatisfaction with the sausage casing view ofeducation.
26. are supposed to
27. inserting
28. drawing-out
29. distinguished
30. spark
31. flame
32. schooling
33. controversies
34. are concerned with
35. dissatisfaction