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   Jungle country is not friently to man, but it is
  possible to survive there. You must have the right equipment
  and you must know a lot important things about 1.__________
  woodcraft(森林知识). Then your choices of staying living 2.__________
  are very good.
  No one should go into the jungle without the right
  equipment. You need lightweight clothings, a good sheath 3.__________
  knife or machete, and a compass. Fishhooks and a line, a
  rifle and ammunition, matches in a waterproof container,
  and a poncho are necessary too. Such is a mosquito net 4.__________
  to pretect the head.
  In the jungle you can get hopeless lost within 5.__________
  five minutes after leaving a knowing landmark. That is 6.__________
  why you should always carry a compass. In open country,
  during the day, you can tell which way to go by studying
  the sun. At night the stars are sure of guides to direction 7.__________
  But in most places the jungle rooftop is so thick
  that this is impossible to see the sun or the stars. Again 8.__________
  and again you must check the position by the compass.
  Keep alert. Watch the ground in front of you carefully.
  Stop and listen now and again. Avoid haste, and rest
  often. In a place where is hot and humid, the person who 9.__________
  sets a fast pace will soon become tired. A steady, even
  pace is wisest on the long run. 10.__________