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  I'm flat broke.

  Let's go window-shopping anyway.

  Why don't we go window-shopping?

  Shall we go window-shopping?

  What a crowd!

  It's so crowded!

  What a big crowd!

  When does the store open?

  It's closed today.

  When do you open?

  What time do you open?

  How soon does it open?

  What time does the store open?

  When do the doors open?

  When does the store close?

  We close at seven.

  What time does the store close?

  When is closing time?

  We won't open until eleven.

  That late? 那么晚?

  It opens at eleven.

  From eleven.

  Our business hours begin at eleven.

  Where's the shoe department? *department store 商场

  I'm lost, too. 我也糊涂了。

  Where can I find the shoe department?

  Where is the shoe department located?

  It's on the third floor.

  Going down? /Going up?。是往下/上?

  What are you looking for?

  The shoe department.

  Eighth, please.电梯里

  The eighth floor, please.

  May I help you? /Can I help you?

  What can I do for u?/How may I help u?

  I'd like a suit.

  I'm looking for a ... bag.

  I'm looking for a black, leather bag.

  How's this?

  I'm just looking. /Just looking. /Just browsing. /I'm just browsing.

  I don't need any help.

  No just yet. 还不需要。

  If you need any help, let me know.

  These shoes are great!

  These shoes are wonderful.

  Buy this.

  Please buy this for me.

  How much is this?

  How much does this cost?

  What does this cost?

  What is the price of this?

  How much?

  This one is eight hundred dollars.

  That's expensive/cheap!

  How expensive/cheap! 怎么这么贵/便宜!

  That's too much!

  Do you have this shirt in a small?

  Let me check. 让你找找。

  Do you have this shirt in a smaller size?

  Do you have this sweater in red?

  May I try it on? *try on试穿、戴

  Sure. Let me help you.

  Where is the fitting room? 试衣间  

  Right this way, ma'am. 请往这边,女士。

  Where is the dressing room.

  It's too small for me.

  It's a little bit tight.

  It's loose.

  It's long/short.

  This suit fits perfectly.

  This suit is perfect for me.

  This is nice. /This is good.

  How do you like it?

  This is better. /I like this better.

  That's more like it.

  This skirt matches this blouse, doesn't it?

  Yes, they look great together.

  This skirt and this blouse go together well.

  Which is better?

  Which one do you like better?

  Which one do you think is better?

  I want both of them. /I want them both.

  I don't want either of them.

  It's too flashy. 太艳了!

  We have a more plain looking one.

  It's too gaudy. /It's too loud.

  It's too plain. 素、老气

  It's too conservative.

  It's too bland.

  Would you hem it? *缝边

  Would you alter it?

  Would you shorten it?

  How much is it? /How much does it cost?

  Could you tell me how much it is?

  I'll take this one. /I'd like this one.

  All right, ma'am.

  I'd like to buy this one. /I'll get this one.

  Will that be cash or charge?

  Cash or charge?

  Will you be paying by cash or credit card?

  Would u like to pay by cash or charge?

  Cash, please. /Charge, please. 卡

  Can I use VISA? /Do you accept VISA?

  Do you take VISA?

  Can I pay by installment payment?分期付款

  Can I pay in Japanese yen?

  Do you take Japanese yen?

  Do you accept Japanese yen?

  Please wrap it.

  I'd like to return this. 我想退货。

  Do you have a receipt? 收据

  Could you exchange this, please?

  It's got a stain. /It has a stain.这有点儿脏

  Can I have a refund? 退款

  I'd like to get a refund, please.

  I'd like a refund, please.

  I'd like my money back, please.

  Would you give me a discount?

  This is a discount price.

  Can you make it cheaper?

  Take it or leave it. 不满意就算了

  Accept it or reject it.

  Be satisfied with it or get nothing.

  That's my only offer.

  That's my last offer.

  That's my final offer.